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Pagla Ghoda

An adaptation of legendary playwright Badal Sarkar's iconic play of the same title. 



The story of four men gathered to cremate an unknown female, each with a personal reason in mind. While sharing a round of drinks after the cremation, their curiosity about the girl’s origin piques, and the ensuing discussion reveals secrets hidden to the world.


For: CinePlay (Chhoti Productions)

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Guy in the Sky

A quirky and satirical take on the contemporary political climate of the country. ​

For: CinePlay (Chhoti Productions)

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Watch Chauranga because it is honest, provocative and piercing. It announces the advent of a promising new voice in Mumbai’s independent cinema. 

Saibal Chatterjee


With a brilliant theme, a narrative structure that flows, and social relevance that hooks the viewer, Chauranga makes for a powerful watch.

Rohit Vats

Hindustan Times

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